Monday, October 12, 2015

Michigan Monday: Game Week - Michigan State

I hope the Wolverines are not listening to the radio, watching ESPN, or reading newspapers (I doubt college kids are running for the USA Today).  There is a ton of talk this past weekend that Michigan is the best team in the Big Ten.   As Wolverine fans, we all know too well, that type of talk is very premature.   We all want to believe it, but it's much too early for that type of talk to hit our lips.  

Michigan will host it's 3rd ranked opponent in 4 games on Saturday.   Michigan has something to prove with each team on the schedule and it starts this weekend with Michigan State.   A team that has been dominating Michigan outside a win by Denard in 2012 the last time MSU played in Ann Arbor.  David Brandon allowed the Big Ten to give MSU back to back games in East Lansing when they re-swizzled the conferences.   How he ever agreed to that I will never know.

Sparty has been ranked highly in the pre-season and after their win against Oregon. They got as high as #2 in the country behind OSU.    They are now ranked #7 after a couple of close head scratching wins against Purdue and Rutgers. 

Michigan State is known for running a power offense and a strong defense.    Historically, they always would make a couple of dumb mistakes in each game, many Michigan fans would call it "going Sparty".   It could be a personal foul penalty at the wrong time or another mental mistake.   This team might not over whelm you on either side of the ball, but they really don't make those mistakes.   Connor Cook is considered a top NFL QB prospect and this team scores points and plays good enough defense. 

MSU defense is ranked #43 in the country giving up 21 points per game. 

Best Win: Over 3-2 Air Force- none of their other opponents have a winning record.  At the time it was Oregon, but that win is no longer considered a "good" win. 

Line:  Michigan -6.5

Injuries: Every team has injuries

MSU will be ready to play as this game is always the #1 game on the Spartans schedule. 

  • Michigan had somewhat of a surprise visitor on Saturday when 5 star RB and OSU commit Kareem Walker visited.   He is good friends with a number of NJ Wolverine commits and is also very close with Peppers.   Wheatley was at Walker's game Friday night in NJ. 

  • Ann Arbor Skyline LB Daelin Hayes has de-committed from USC.  (Probably due to the recent issues).  Most insiders expect him to end up at ND. 

  • Tight end Jacob Mathis rates his Michigan visit a 10 out of 10.

  • Boulder (Colo.) LB Carlo Kemp visited ND this past weekend and now has a very difficult decision. 

  • Thomas Rawls lead the NFL in rushing yards yesterday with 169 for Seattle.   Anyone predict this happening?   I'm happy for him, but wished we could of seen some of that in a Maize and Blue jersey. 


Scott K said...

I'm sure Kareem Walker noticed our true freshman Higdon getting some real carries.

posty55 said...

First off love this website...u guys are always honest...even if it hurts the Michigan faithful...I drove to AA this Saturday from Toronto with my wife to show her my love for AA and the Michigan the end she understood why I love Michigan...What a game, went to Indiana game last year and it was like a morge. By halftime the place was empty..great to see the place back to what I remembered for this weekend I totally agree...everybody and their moms have Michigan winning...but I so worry about Dantonio and the power of us vs them...up here in Canada it's thanksgiving and I'm thankful for Jim and Jacqueline Harbaugh....go blue beat state

Big35Hurt said...

D'Antonio is nothing more than THE Little Brother! Pat Narduzzi was the BRAINS behind it all and now that he's gone, Sparty is D-O-N-E!

Scott K said...

You gotta love this...