Friday, July 8, 2016

Michigan Friday: Warde Has To Work On The Schedule

I will first try to answer this question from Tim in the comments:

Another thought - do you feel playoff committee looks differently at a week 1 loss vs week 4 loss?

Possibly, I think a bad loss is a bad loss no matter what week it comes in.   A loss to a quality opponent would be weighed the same early in the season (rather it was week 1 or week 4).   The issue is, does that quality opponent continue to win games?  Utah caught fire early and got has high as #3 in the polls I believe before they lost some games in the PAC 12.   That Michigan loss looked a lot better in say week 6 then it did at the end of the season.   All those factors play into the committee's decision. 

I'm also interested how the committee would see a re-match if both programs have great seasons? Would that be a negative for the one loss team?  If Michigan beats Florida in week one next year and both win the rest of their games and are SEC and Big 10 Champs.  Does the committee put Florida in for a possible re-match? I think the answer is Yes.


The consensus is that David Brandon was very bad at this job as a Michigan AD.   Many DB decisions have been changed or reversed thanks to Jim Hackett who played the Hero AD until Warde took over recently.  One of the issues, we continue to pay for is David Brandon allowing the Big 10 to let Michigan to go to East Lansing in back to back years and having this big scheduling imbalance.

Then Warde makes the situation even worse in 2018 by giving up a home game to an SEC team to playing ND road and costing the school $2M.  I will put up a poll, but my guess is many fans would support keeping Arkansas on the schedule (and $2M) and scheduling ND in the future when it works better for U of M.  I have no problem Michigan doing 2 year home and home deals with ND but schedule them to the benefit of Michigan not ND. 

Having years, with ND, MSU and OSU on the road is just crazy.  Then the next year having the home schedule loaded, seems out of balance to me.

Warde went on the radio this morning and did say he was hopeful he could change the imbalance with MSU and OSU.  We will see, mostly when the Big Ten goes to 9 conference games.

  • Can the best player in Alabama really leave the state for another school?  WR Nico Collins continues to list Michigan as it's leader.   Nico and DP-J would just be incredible! 

  • Butt, Darboh and Lewis will represent Michigan at Media Days.

  • MSU picked up OH TE Matt Dotson yesterday.   Matt picked MSU over Penn State.  Michigan and Matt's relationship was pretty good early but seemed to cool lately. 


Mike Tebbe said...

As rumored 2016 4* WR Brad Hawkins will not enroll at UM.

To bad for both parties as Brad is a very talented WR.

Good luck at prep school and maybe a future at UM.

Cormac said...

Warde Manuel got schooled in being an AD. He says that he wishes things could have been different. Come on, Warde! You were there. Don't agree to something that isn't advantageous to Michigan just because someone wants to play ND. I'd rather play Arkansas than this messed up deal.

BigHaus said...

Didn't ND opt to end the last agreement early? Why was this move deemed worth while to Warde? Was this a move made simply because JH desired it? Seems like a horrible move from the outside?